Backstay started with the simple idea of giving boaters more time to have fun on the water. Rooted in the belief that boating is for all - regardless of their background, gender, and age - Backstay creates products to make boating safe and fun while connecting and bringing people together. 

Founded in the heart of the Ballard marine community in Seattle, Backstay is a response to the unique demands and challenges of sea adventures where quality, reliability, and thoughtfulness are the foundation of a safe and enjoyable time on the water. The stresses and difficulties of offshore passage are akin those of space exploration and scientific expeditions. That’s why Backstay products are built to last and withstand the harshest conditions staying alongside you as your trusted mates and reliable partners.

Alya, Backstay’s CEO and Founder, is a devoted sailor who pushes the boundaries at sea, at home, and in her community. She leads with a vision to bring more people to the boating community helping them enjoy more time on the water. With her experience navigating through a male-dominated industry, she advocates for more women to join sailing, whether it is for day coastal sails, or long-haul offshore adventures.

We hope you like what we do! If you have an idea or project you would like to partner with us - fill in the form below and we will be happy to chat with you.